Tonight We Ride...
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About us

Ride OBC hosts an annual bicycle party and show in Las Vegas each spring. It's where that chick who made that frame meets the guy who makes those bars, who meets those crazy dudes who rode their bikes all the way from LA to Las Vegas. OBC is the most fun you can legally have on 2 pedals! See Las Vegas in a different way… We swarm bars and take over parking lots, it’s themed rides and a bash with jaw dropping view! We have fun all over this amazing town, visiting the coolest bars and land marks all while arriving in style... via custom bikes. We have it all! Tall, low, long, vintage, cruiser, BMX, stretched and skinny tire are represented! It’s less about what you ride and more about the party.

OBC... We are just One Big Club

Our folks come from all over the world - as far as Japan, Europe, Australia, Canada and Mexico as well as all over the United States - The entire west coast, plus New York to Florida, Chicago, Detroit, Idaho, just to name a few.